One of the many reasons I ❤ PSoC!


This is a screen shot from the schematic editor inside of Cypress’ PSoC Creator IDE showing the hardware SPI block I’ve added for controlling a cool little OLED display.  Keep in mind, that everything you see here on this schematic is inside the chip.

I’m currently prototyping a design for a MIDI electronic drum interface on a breadboard and was having trouble getting a reliable SPI clock from the PSoC5 Prototyping Kit to the display due to the capacitance of the solderless breadboard.  PSoC came to the rescue with it’s internal FPGA-like logic and routing that let me connect the hardware SPI block’s clock directly to three GPIO pins and gang all of them together to give me the drive strength needed to get a more reliable clock at 50% higher speed than I could with a single GPIO.

With most other micros I would have had to slow the display way down, abandon the HW SPI and switch to a software SPI implementation, or rig up some external drive circuit with parts I didn’t have handy.  Instead it became a 10 minute hack to get me back to working on the real design.

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